Redirect Tool

This page explains how to add a custom link (URL) to the left-hand navigation of a Canvas course using the Redirect Tool app.

The Redirect Tool can be used to add an unlimited number of custom links to a course.

Add a Link:

  1. In the course, go to Settings > Apps
  2. In the Filter field, search for "Redirect" - the Redirect Tool appears.
  3. Click on the toolredirect tool
  4. Click + App (ignore a warning about not installing the app again - it's perfectly safe to do so)
  5. Type the name of the link into the field.
  6. Paste the full URL of the link into the field.
  7. Check the box to make the link visible in the course navigation
  8. Click Add Apprediretc tool
  9. Go to the Navigation tab.
  10. Immediately scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. The new menu item now appears in the navigation.
  11. Adjust the location of the menu item by dragging it into position.redirect tool

Remove a Link:

Instructors can hide a custom link by disabling it in the course navigation. Links can only be fully deleted by a Canvas administrator. Contact for assistance.