Faculty Ambassador for Canvas (FAC)


Congratulations Faculty Ambassadors for Canvas! 

fac badge


We are happy to announce our FACs for the 2023-2024 academic year. The FACs are available for Canvas help and guidance – If you have a question or would like suggestions reach out to your colleagues. Lookout for their digital badge (on their door / outgoing signature)!




List of FACs (2023-2024) 

  1. Ariel Setniker asetniker@csum.edu (Maths & Science dept) 
  2. Joel Aldrich jaldrich@csum.edu (MT dept) 
  3. Lauren Hartman lhartman@csum.edu (Culture & Communication dept) 
  4. Michael Strange MStrange@csum.edu (ME dept) 
  5. Michael Holden mholden@csum.edu (ME dept) 
  6. Nicole Runyon nrunyon@csum.edu (Grad Program) 
  7. Zachary Nosker  ZNosker@csum.edu (ME dept) 
  8. Michael Kazel mkazek@csum.edu (ME dept volunteer)