Canvas Training

Below are some trainings provided to help support faculty with our new Learning Management System (LMS) - Canvas.

Canvas 101

In this quick course (50 min), you'll discover comprehensive guidance for leveraging Canvas as an instructor, covering everything from crafting modules to fine-tuning course settings. This meticulously designed course comprises five modules crafted to seamlessly orient you and establish the foundation for your upcoming teaching endeavors.

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Growing with Canvas Course

This course was provided to our campus by Instructure the company who owns Canvas, to help our instructors use the new LMS.

This course is designed to help teachers learn how to use Canvas effectively in brick and mortar classrooms AND online learning environments.

Participants in this course will watch videos, use Canvas documentation, complete activities, and participate in discussions to learn and apply Canvas features.  Along the way, teachers will earn Growing With Canvas badges to demonstrate their accomplishments.

The content of this course compiles material from 2 primary sources: Canvas Video Guides and the Canvas Help Guides.  All of these resources are available at any time, in any sequence, in the Canvas Community.

Each module contains about 45 to 65 minutes worth of videos or reading. Plan on 1.5 to 2 hours per module to watch the videos and submit activities related to the content presented.

Start Growing with Canvas today with this direct link!

Quick Canvas Resources For Instructors

The Instructor Resource Course provides instructors with the resources they need to successfully use Canvas. The course includes videos, guides, and detailed instructions. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Instructor Resource Course