Classroom Training

Classroom Workshops are held twice a week to help address any concerns or provide assisstance with the use of the new equipment that is to be installed this year. Classroom Workshops will be held indefinitely at the Faculty Lounge until further notice. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at or by making an appointment.


 Step-By-Step Tutorial


Call 707-654-1655 or email if you need assistance. 

For Mac Users, you can checkout USB-C to HDMI adapters from the library. 

1. Press to “Begin” 

press to start


2. Inside the cubby (see arrow) if you bring your own device (BYOD). 

select a source


3. Select a Source:

select a source

i. HDMI 1 – PC/Media (laptop) 

ii. HDMI 2– Mac (suggested for annotation) if your resolution is small, go to “Settings” “Display” and choose “Larger Text” – (laptop) 

4. Make sure you log out of the Room PC and Select “I’m Done” before leaving the classroom. 

Additional Resources

Quick Start Video