Undergraduate Majors

 International Business and Logistics

Business Administration

The Business Administration major, with its emphasis in International Business and Logistics, is an interdisciplinary degree that will provide opportunities for you to gain essential skills in various aspects of international business, logistics, and supply chain management.  The major combines real-world training, including co-op educational experiences, study-abroad opportunities, and one multi-week, study-abroad experience, with a solid foundation of international business and logistics courses. This degree also gives you the prerequisites for an MBA program.

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Global Studies

Global Studies and Maritime Affairs

Global Studies and Maritime Affairs combines a rigorous foundation in international relations and the social sciences with an emphasis in maritime and environmental policy. A combination of coursework, internships, and study abroad opportunities prepares you to be a leader and decision-maker for global maritime policy agencies, organizations, and corporations. Additionally, the curriculum focus will provide rigorous preparation for further study at the graduate level in transportation, environmental policy, and law.

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Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation

The Marine Transportation (MT) major provides you with a broad understanding of the maritime industry, as well as navigation and ship-handling skills. Coursework and three training cruises prepare you to be a mate on a large ship, tug, or ferry, or to work in a variety of shoreside positions such as port and terminal management, stevedoring or marine sales. In addition to your bachelor's degree, you will earn a license from the U.S. Coast Guard as a Third Mate. This license allows you to sail on U.S. ships on any ocean, regardless of tonnage, horsepower, and size.

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 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Math and science-intensive coursework and hands-on experiences give you the skills you need to work in a variety of positions in the research, design, development, and evaluation of engineering systems. Applicants select one of two mechanical engineering degree options: either 1) the General Option for those interested in land-based, traditional engineering firms and activities or 2) the U.S. Coast Guard License Option (with 3rd Assistant Engineering Unlimited License) for those seeking a career in the maritime industry aboard ships or on land with shipping-related firms. Both variations of this major contain the prerequisites for a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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Facilities Engineering Technology

Engineering technology coursework, simulators, and co-ops prepare you to work in the operation and maintenance of engineering systems such as those found in power generation plants, universities, hospitals, stadiums, and high-tech manufacturing facilities. In addition to your bachelor's degree, you will earn your Certified Plant Engineer-in-Training certificate, preparing you to become a facility engineer in shoreside industries.

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Marine Engineering Technology

The Marine Engineering Technology (MET) major prepares you to work as a licensed Third Assistant Engineer on U.S. ships on any ocean regardless of tonnage, horsepower, and size. Three training cruises, engineering coursework, and lots of hands-on learning give you the theory and decision-making skills needed to design, operate, and maintain the physical plant of a ship.

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The Oceanography major, which begins in Fall 2020, will draw from the long maritime tradition of the Academy. This Bachelor of Science degree will contain 120 semester units in campus-based coursework in oceanographic and related sciences preparing graduates for careers or graduate school in oceanography, environmental science and policy, climatology, hydrology, and geology. Students should look forward to benefiting from Cal Maritime's location in the San Francisco Bay Area for vessel-based measurements and research for positions at sea or on shore.

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Undergraduate Minors

Naval Science

Minor in Naval Science

(Available to SSOP Students Only)