Tree on campus

2021 Earth Week

Apr 12, 2021

Join us for a week's worth of earth-friendly activities!...

Team Meeting, December 2020

Cal Maritime Wind Program Keeps on Spinning

Apr 7, 2021

Cal Maritime has been chosen by the US Department of Energy to compete in its ninth consecutive Collegiate Wind Competition in the 2021-2022 academic year....

Maritime Education

It's a Given: the Value of a Maritime Education

Apr 2, 2021

As a former flag officer in the US Navy and president of one of the seven national maritime academies in the US, I watched the drama of the Ever Given grounding in the Suez Canal with keen interest....

Training Ship Golden Bear

Cal Maritime is Economic Driver in Bay Area and Beyond

Apr 1, 2021

Cal Maritime, the most unique of the 23-campus California State University (CSU) system, is an important contributor to the local economy as well as outside its direct geographic area, according to a new report....

Terry Moran

Cal Maritime Foundation Welcomes New Executive Director Terry Moran

Mar 29, 2021

Terry Moran, a longtime aerospace and technology executive, one-time naval aviator, licensed captain in inland and near coastal waterways, and an offshore sailor - has been named executive director of the Cal Maritime Foundation....

Pile of sea shanty books

Sea Stories--Essential Reading for Armchair Mariners

Mar 29, 2021

If the 25 Indian mariners aboard the Ever Given, stuck in the Suez Canal since last week had any downtime at all they were probably not reading sea stories....

Resiliency group on zoom

The Sound of Resilience

Mar 11, 2021

Cal Maritime Health Educator Angeli Acosta was already a fan podcasts -- which she enjoys while commuting or working out--when she realized that she could do more than just listen to them. She could create them....

Campus community receiving vaccinations at PEAC

One and Done: Cal Maritime Vaccinates Community

Mar 8, 2021

Hundreds of Cal Maritime cadets, faculty, and staff turned up to receive a vaccine to protect them against Covid-19 on Monday, March 8....

People cutting ribbon at Marketplace on campus

Cal Maritime Celebrates Grand Opening of New Marketplace

Mar 2, 2021

Tuesday marked the grand opening of Cal Maritime's newest dining addition, the Marketplace....

Cadets on stage

Fourteen Midshipmen Receive Strategic Sealift Officer Pins

Mar 1, 2021

In a small ceremony that was live-streamed for parents, friends, and the community, fourteen Cal Maritime midshipmen received their pins Friday, February 26th as part of their initiation into the Strategic Sealift Officer (SSO) program....