Welcome to Cal Maritime's CSUBuy

Reminder!  All Cal Maritime ProCard and Procurement Policies apply!  Example, laptops may be displayed in catalogs but cannot be purchased via ProCard.  It must route through the IT Commodity Procurement policy and have full accessibility and IT reviews and approvals.

CSUBUY  is a platform most of the CSU campuses use to purchase many contracted products with ProCards.  It also allows “Shoppers” without a ProCard to put together items in a cart and forward to a ProCard holder for purchase. 

CSUBUY is the first step in transforming the way the CSU manages the Source-to-Pay process. This change creates a foundation for future implementation of automated workflow, requisitioning, purchase orders, and accounts payable functionality through integration into CFS and Oracle.

Over the next few years, CSUBUY integration into CFS will provide additional functionality to streamline Procurement, Accounts Payable, and Vendor Management. Other ​stakeholders, including faculty and staff, will also see future benefits including workflow for requisitioning and purchase orders to improve both catalog and non-catalog purchases, receipt of goods/services, and approvals for payment.​ 

Access CSUBuy


Users must sign in CSUBuy, which will automatically create an account with a basic profile of "Shopper". Shoppers can only shop and must transfer ("Assign") their cart to a Requester to finish their order. If you are a Procurement Cardholder, please contact Contracts & Procurement Office to change your user status from "Shopper" to "Requester".


For information, please contact the Procurement Office at 707-654-1738.