SAP Concur is a comprehensive web-based tool that simplifies and integrates travel request and expense reporting with a complete travel booking solution. Travelers get a complete paperless workflow - from the travel authorization, to booking, to the expense report and reimbursement

Concur also offers the Concur Mobile App to manage your expenses and business travel on your mobile device and/or tablet.

Concur Travel & Expense (CTE) Process

Follow the three steps below to request, book and submit your travel expense:

  1. Complete and submit for approval your travel request in Concur prior to making travel reservations.
  2. Once approved, book your travel via Concur to take advantage of CSU and State negotiated rates for airline and hotel.
  3. Upon return from your trip, upload the required receipts and complete your Travel Expense Report in Concur for approval and reimbursement.
Concur Login

If there are any accessibility issues, please contact your department administrator or the campus travel/accounting personnel for immediate assistance.


Travel Policies and Guidelines

Anyone traveling on University business (campus travelers), must abide by the CSU Travel policy, the CSU travel procedures, and Cal Maritime's travel guidelines.  It is each campus travelers' responsibility to read and understand ALL these policies and procedures and abide by them since together, they form Cal Maritime's travel policy.  In no way does the guidelines on this page replace the CSU travel policy or CSU travel procedures, but enhances it.

Travel Updates

    • Mileage Rates 2023
      • Business  $0.625 per mile
      • Moving    $0.22 per mile

Travel Handbook and Quick Reference Guide

Concur Travel Training

To schedule a Concur training for your Department, please email Judy Aguirre at

Training Presentation in PDF

Athletics Concur Presentation

Concur Athletics Travel Handbook


Other Helpful Resources:

Concur FAQs

Not yet. First you must submit a Request through Concur that includes cost estimates of your airfare, hotel, meals, and other expenses. It’s usually a good idea to round up your estimated expenses. Your request will then route to your supervisor for approval. Once approved, you can use Concur to book your trip.

Partially funded travel paid out of state side funds will need to be completed through Concur. Please keep in mind that you will need to be mindful of your expenses and make sure that you do not spend more than you were allocated. You may use your own personal card and be reimbursed through Concur. Please note that if you were issued and use a State Travel Card and go over your allowed amount, you will need to pay that amount back at Cashier’s when you return.

Be sure to include these dates in your trip Start and End dates when creating your travel request so your supervisor knows how long you will be out of the office. In the request section, you will need to add in the dates of your personal vacation to confirm no Cal Maritime travel charges will be expensed for those days.

Supervisors are notified by email and have six calendar days to approve your request. If you know your supervisor will be out of town for longer than six days, please call 707/654-1042 or email for assistance.

An approved Travel Request is required prior to booking any travel reservations.  If you ski; this step and g directly to the "Trip Search" section and book a travel reservation, the system will put your reservation on hold and route you to the Travel Request section to complete a Travel Request.  You have 24 hours to submit a request and get the request fully approved.  Otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled.  Please do not book travel from the Trip Search, and instead, book your travel from your approved Travel Request.

You have 60 days to complete and submit an Expense Report.  On the 61st day, the Travel Request will close and you will need to start a new request request.