On January 28, 2015 the CSU Board of Trustees adopted the Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF), which goes into effect in Fall 2015. Submitted to the CSU by the California State Student Association (CSSA), this proposal aims to create a more stable, independent, and expanded statewide student association. Through a $2 per-term voluntary fee assessed to each CSU student, this new funding model will replace CSSA's long-standing revenue sources that included Associated Students membership dues, fundraising, and Chancellor's Office grants.

CSSA is a non-profit student organization founded by student body presidents in 1959.  Recognized by the CSU Trustees as the official voice of CSU students, CSSA has long advocated for student access to an affordable, high quality CSU education. CSSA student leaders work with the CSU Chancellor, CSU Trustees, Governor, and State Legislature to positively affect higher education policy in California.

To learn more about what programs CSSA offers and what kind of activities the organization engages in, please visit http://www.csustudents.org/.

How do I opt out?
The deadline to opt out of the fee is census (20th day of instruction) for each term.  After census students will no longer be able to opt out for the semester. If a student chooses to, they will need to opt out each semester.

Students can opt out through their student center, after they register for classes, by clicking "Account Inquiry" and selecting the "Activity" tab along the top.  The detail to all your account activity for the most recent 6 month timeframe will be available for your review.  The "Student Representation Fee" will be the only fee that is non-mandatory and has the option to opt out. 

Follow the "How to Opt Out of the Student Representation Fee" guide for step-by-step instructions.