Fall 2020 Orientation Presentations

Welcome Keelhauler Families and Friends!

We know that 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges for families, and we are pleased that you and your student have chosen to move forward with pursuing their education at Cal Maritime.

We believe that orientation is just as much for parents & families, as it is for our incoming students and normally, we would invite you to our picturesque campus to participate in information-rich sessions presented by key departments to guide you in making informed decisions about your student’s experience and their future; enjoy an around-the-world lunch at our dining commons; meet "Mama", our beloved baker; tour the ship and much more.

However, in these uncertain and unusual circumstances, we have built a repository of information and resources for your reference as you get to know us as well as your student's life at Cal Maritime. We hope you will visit this page frequently.

Additionally, we will host live Zoom sessions for you to learn more about the campus services.

August 4, 2020 Zoom Session

August 5, 2020 Zoom Session

August 6, 2020 Zoom Session

August 7, 2020 Zoom Session

August 11, 2020 Zoom Session


Academics & Related Questions from Parents:

Will my student have an assigned counselor/adviser for his major?
Yes, all students are assigned a faculty advisor who will help them with their schedule, curriculum, and program questions. Additionally, all students will have access to University Advisors throughout the academic year to support students navigate university requirements, policies, and resources to achieve their academic goals.

If my student wants to add a minor, when do they declare that? Do they start taking classes for their minor the first year? If so, how do they add those classes?
Students have the option to add a minor. They should meet with the minor advisor to discuss course options and when minor classes will fit best into their schedule. Please see our minor options and minor advisors on our major/minors webpage.

What is the best way to find my student’s academic plan for the next 4 years?
All curriculum roadmaps can be found here. Incoming students will have their schedule posted by 7/31. Students can work with their faculty advisor to adjust their academic plan.

How do I ensure that my student is able to take advantage of tutoring sessions or other academic support available to students? Campus environment will completely different and I would like to make sure that my student is aware of all of the learning opportunities available.
Tutoring will be available through virtual appointments. Academic support resources will also be posted for students through our Passport Navigate app.

Can my student, who is a transfer student, meet with an advisor to determine his courses for Fall and map out a plan for all courses for the next 3-4 years?
Students will be given an intro to their advising services during orientation week. They can then schedule a meeting with their advisor to discuss their academic plan and transfer credit. Additionally, transfer students can work with their faculty advisor to adjust their academic plan based on their respective transfer credits.

Questions Related to Campus Life & Services:

What will activities and support look like for the fall?
For those on campus: Activities will look similar to previous terms, but with more activities happening outdoors and more having maximum capacities. Cadets on campus should expect to participate in formation and watch-standing. For those fully virtual and not on campus: Virtual activities will be provided by all departments that traditionally host on campus activities. All support services will remain available virtually. Cadets not on campus should expect to participate in virtual musters and regular check ins.

What support services will be available in the fall?
Services will look similar to previous terms, but with some services or meetings occurring virtually.

How will formation, watch-standing, and random drug testing work for those who are on campus?

  • Formation will be held on Bodnar Field
  • Deck and Engine watch-standing will occur as normal
  • Random Drug Testing will occur as normal

If all of my student’s classes are virtual, do they need to come to campus at all for the Fall semester?
No. If your student’s classes are not on campus, they will not be required to participate in any in-person activities.

How will meals and dining work?

  • Meals for move-in day will be provided right after your student gets tested in Lot O.
  • Once you have gotten word that your test is negative, you can go to the Dining Center for meals. All meals will be to-go, until in-restaurant eating is approved at the State/County level.

What items does my student need to bring for their room and for classes?
Please find detailed information on what to bring by major.

How will Move-In Day work for parents? And Students?

  • Arrive together during assigned time slot for arrival
  • Student gets COVID test (results available in 24-48 hours)
  • Drop off tagged/labeled belongings to be taken to assigned room (by campus)
  • Together take driving tour of campus ending in Lot E for a polaroid photo-op
  • Parents drop off student and leave campus
  • Students grab their meal and isolate until results come back

What if parents need to buy last minute items and deliver to their student?
We will provide written directions on the 13th on how best to handle dropping off any forgotten or otherwise needed items.

For students who are 100% virtual, how will they get their uniforms and are they required to wear uniforms while on zoom?
Later in August, we will set up a schedule for pick up of seabag (uniforms) or mail the items, This plan will be further defined after in-person orientation is done. Ideally, students should practice wearing their uniforms for class but we will remain flexible in the virtual environment.

What is a normal progression of the curriculum (i.e. which classes require in person hands on learning, how the sequence of being out to sea happens, important pre-req's that are pivotal to pass on the first try) with the expectation that the covid19 situation may interfere?
Please review our curriculum roadmaps.

My student is a Kaiser patient and I see there is a Kaiser in Vallejo. Can we just keep/use that medical insurance or is it recommended that they use the one CSUM offers? What are the pros/cons of each option? How does Kaiser’s plan work while on Summer Cruise?
Please review plan benefits at https://www.aetnastudenthealth.com v. Kaiser to make your decision. Kaiser plans may include international coverage, please check your plan benefits. Any additional cruise related coverage will be offered or included in cruise fees. As insurance often is – complicated – please visit https://www.csum.edu/student-health-center/ for more information.

Will the campus provide masks to students?
We recommend bringing some reusable and comfortable masks but the campus will have disposable masks on hand for students.

What is the academic plan for the weeks between Thanksgiving and end-of-semester?
Students taking F2F courses will cover the STCW / US Coast Guard requirements (hands[-on component) as quickly as possible between the start of semester and Thanksgiving and will have the online coursework to complete in the weeks after Thanksgiving. Classes will be held until Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Are students required to leave campus when F2F ends at Thanksgiving break?
Fall semester officially ends on Dec 11. F2F Cadets may continue to remain on campus to complete their virtual coursework.

What activities will be available to my student in their dorm?
For the upcoming semester, the RHOs will continue their resident check-ins and programming throughout the year (mostly virtually, but some in person activities while following CDC guidelines). This will include an interactive & community building activities for our residents to meet & connect with others on their floors & in the res halls. Activities include trivia nights, online karaoke, virtual paint nights, video game tournaments, community chats, & ice breakers.

Can Amazon packages be quickly and reliably received by cadets?
As a small campus, we have limited resources and ask that students and parents allow adequate time for us to distribute packages. Please be mindful of how many packages are sent to the school.