Alcohol and Illegal Drug Policy

Cal Maritime prohibits the unlawful and unauthorized possession, use, sale, manufacture or distribution of alcohol and illegal drugs by students, faculty, and staff on its property, training vessels, or as part of any Academy-sponsored activity. This prohibition extends to any off-campus activity that is sponsored by the Academy or any of its recognized clubs and organizations. Cadets, faculty, staff, and visitors are responsible for their own citizenship. They are expected to abide by all campus policies, federal, state, and local ordinances and are answerable to law enforcement authorities for law violations.
The Academy is required to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard regulations regarding the consumption of alcohol and the operation of maritime vessels (35 CFR Part 95). These regulations apply to all crewmembers, including licensed officers, pilots, faculty, staff cadets, and any watch standers.
Drug Testing Policy
It is the policy of the Academy to establish an environment free from the adverse effects of alcohol and substance abuse. The Academy will annually notify all cadets of its drug and alcohol program. The Academy standard of conduct requires all cadets not to use illegal drugs, abuse alcohol and/or prescription drugs. To combat the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other chemical substances all cadets must abide by this policy.
Campus community member who suffer from a substance abuse problem are strongly encouraged to get help immediately. The Academy provides training, education and other assistance to cadets to help them understand their responsibilities in achieving a safe and drug-free environment. The Student Health and Wellness Center is available for abuse educational programs and member assistance. The Police Services Department offers alcohol and drug education through lectures and literature.
For health and safety reasons, it is in the best interest of an intoxicated student in an impaired condition to be brought immediately to the attention of campus staff or medical personnel.
Non compliance with this policy or violation of the regulations may result in severe disciplinary action including suspension or dismissal. The incident can also include referral to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution. A complete description of these regulations is contained in Cal Maritime's Student Handbook or at the Academy's web site