CAPS believes that personal development and mental health are inherently connected to intellectual, academic, and professional success. Cal Maritime’s overarching mission is served by providing students with access to high quality healthcare. CAPS strives to support this mission by delivering a variety of services for individuals and groups that promote personal growth, increase self-awareness, enhance coping skills, provide support during times of crisis, foster professionalism, and promote a safe and healthy campus environment. CAPS is dedicated to supporting and uplifting the diverse experiences of Cal Maritime students. We provide mental health care for individuals and groups in a campus community where there exist historical causes to current health inequities. Based on training and personal experience, CAPS counselors foster discussions of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and other identities so to improve the self-awareness and interpersonal relations of students. These efforts are guided by our shared community values of fairness and dignity, which we uphold through ongoing development of self-awareness, cultural humility, and professional expertise.

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Counseling is for All Genders