Session Limits?

The number of sessions you will attend here at CAPS depends on several factors.  As the sole campus mental health department, we seek to provide meaningful treatment for as many students as possible.  We don't have set session limits. 

Given our current staffing and the size of the student body, we wouldn't be able to meet all of the mental health needs of every student.  However, we do commit to supporting student mental health and having at least one service available to everyone – whether a drop in workshop, a therapy group, a consultation about a friend, or ongoing individual therapy.  We'll also help you get connected to the care you need – whether that's here or somewhere else. 

As a demonstration of our commitment to health equity and easing access to care, we consider both the symptoms the student is experiencing and the resources a student has – like insurance, family support, financial means, transportation, therapist fit, and location – as we collaboratively explore what services would best meet their needs at that time.  In general, we focus on providing brief treatment.  For students who need longer-term care or have resources to support them, we'll consider finding appropriate treatment options in the community for that ongoing care.   


A few things to keep in mind: 

  • We don't have session limits; we focus on providing primarily brief therapy to students.   
  • Workshops are clinical in nature and are intended to share information and teach skills to help students with common concerns make progress toward health and balance. 
  • Groups are often the treatment of choice for students to connect with other students, and learn to support one another more effectively around a given topic or through the relationships established in the group.  Studies have shown that groups are just as effective as individual therapy for students.