Virtual Services

There is a difference between receiving services in-person, and engaging over the phone or over Zoom - but it's not the same for everyone.  At the beginning of the pandemic, we pivoted to provide all of our services virtually as a reasonable workaround to continue mental health care, given the evolving public health recommendations for the community.  And now, we are currently offering both in person and virtual services for students. 

For some, engaging in virtual services has been a smooth and welcome transition.  For others, it's been hard to disclose family issues when they may be overheard.  And, remote services have been a "no-go" for some students who may not have access to internet or a private place regularly, or are living outside of the United States.

We've also had many students report they don’t think they would have ever come into CAPS if the services hadn’t become virtual because of the pandemic. For some students, the virtual realm helps them feel more comfortable or presents fewer obstacles to attendance than in person sessions.  

This underscores how the impacts of this time are different for everyone – some have found space and time to address underlying mental health issues, and others may be overwhelmed by the new stressors or symptoms they are experiencing and unable to reach out for help.  We are learning from this experience, and hope to continue to be available and accessible for students across this spectrum.   If you're thinking about getting help, this could be a great time to take a step toward that outcome.  We'll be here to support you - whether in person or virtually. 

Here in the US, mental health licensing is managed at the state level, and each state is different in its treatment of service delivery even now in the midst of the pandemic.  As a summary, we are able to provide remote treatment services for students who reside in California.  For students outside of California, we review the local laws from their current location to determine the best next steps for that student – whether here at Counseling Services, or in their current communities.  Keep in mind that many of our outreach and drop-in services are available to anyone, regardless of location.

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