Health Forms & Immunizations required upon Admission

WELCOME to Cal Maritime!


     Health Forms for students admitted into:

     Health forms will be accepted by the following modes of transmission:

    • Hard copies via USPS or other service
    • Photographed forms will NOT be accepted.

    Coast Guard Licensing Programs*

  • Marine Engineering Technology
  • Marine Transportation
  • Mechanical Engineering - License Option

*For more information regarding USCG Medical, Psychological & Physical  Guidelines       please view the NMC Merchant Mariner Medical Manual 08/2019.

   Non-Licensing Programs

  • Business Administration - International Business & Logistics
  • International Strategy and Security - Global Studies & Maritime Affairs
  • Mechanical Engineering Non-License Option
  • Oceanography


Required Immunizations:

*These immunizations are not required for students in single semester/short-term international exchange programs.

Recommended Immunizations:


Sports Physical Forms

Readmission Form 

Employee Cruise Physical Forms

U.S. Coast Guard Physical Forms

Miscellaneous Forms