College-Preparatory English

The CSU offers the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) as an approved "A-G" 12th grade English course meeting multiple measures for placement in first-year GE Written Communication upon admission to a CSU campus.

The ERWC curriculum includes 13 instructional modules designed to engage students' interest through interactive activities and timely, relevant texts; its rhetorical approaches for critically analyzing and evaluating texts prepares students for the rigors of university-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Adopt the Curriculum

For the CSU/UC to recognize the ERWC as an approved college-preparatory English course, districts and schools must adopt/renew the curriculum annually and upload the course to
the UC A-G Course Management Portal (CMP).

Important: List the course as "CSU Expository Reading & Writing" (abbreviated "ERWC")
to avoid difficulties with the CSU/UC recognizing it on students' transcripts.

Professional Learning

Register for Introductory Workshop

First-time ERWC teachers complete free 24-hour professional learning to receive certification to instruct and access to materials, resources, and the ERWC Online Community.

Register for 3.0 Curriculum Update

Current ERWC teachers certified to instruct the version 2.0 curriculum complete free 12-hour professional learning to renew certification and access the 3.0 curriculum.

Due to comprehensive updates since ERWC initially published, teachers previously certified
to instruct the 1.0 curriculum complete the Introductory Course.