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The purpose of the ATOD Advisory Committee is to advise the Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs on issues concerning alcohol, tobacco and other drugs involving the campus and the surrounding community in which Cal Maritime students, staff, and faculty live and work. This includes: policy issues, health promotion programming, research, data, and assessment; availability of clinical services; and surrounding community issues such as location of alcoholic beverage establishments, medical marijuana dispensaries, etc.


Chair: Director of Counseling or Director of Health Services, cadet representatives (preferably at least one representative who lives on campus and one who lives off campus), Chief of Police or representative, Director of Health Services (or designee), Peer Health Education Coordinator, Executive Director of ASCMA, Athletics Director (or designee), Dean of Students (or designee), Residence Life representative, Commandant, two faculty members, and a member from the community.



Areas of Emphasis 2022-23 

  1. Review campus alcohol policy
  2. Programming review
  3. Amnesty Policy review and education
  4. Assess Residence Halls alcohol policy
  5. Medical transport protocol review

Archive (under construction)


  • 2013-15 Biennial CSU Alcohol Policy Report
  • Cal Maritime National College Health Assessment (2021)

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