Tobacco-Free Campus - Information and Resources

Cal Maritime is a Tobacco and vaping-free campus as of July 1, 2017

"Tobacco and vaping-free campus policies protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors by eliminating secondhand smoke on campus. Everyone will breathe easier, and this will assure equal access for individuals most vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke exposure, such as those with asthma and allergies."

Tobacco-Free Campus Online Information and Resources

Visit the Human Resources Smoke and Tobacco Free Cal Maritime page for more information. The Student Health Center and CAPS can also be helpful in the process of quitting, and can be reached at 707-654-1170.

Smoking Cessation Links to Resources and Information

Physical symptoms

Nicotine Withdrawal symptoms


Mental Health

Top 3 triggers for relapse

Managing stress when you stop smoking


Quitting resources

California smoker's helpline

Free texting to have support to quit


Benefits of Quitting

Benefits of quitting immediately and over time

Benefits of quitting


Tips to Quit

Slips vs. relapses


Mobile Apps

Craving to Quit