Civil Rights 101 Training

The Latino Club in partnership with the Unity Council hosted a Civil Rights 101 training (Wednesday September 20th, 1530-1730 in Compass Room #1) that provided participants a basic understanding of the history of civil rights in the United States and covered current civil liberties issues. Thank you to Zahra Billoo and CAIR SF ( for a great Civil Rights 101 training. 


Real Talk

A student-based open forum for discussion and dialogue in relation to current events such as DACA, Black Lives Matter, LGBT Rights and transphobia, as well as civil liberties and how students on campus may be/have been affected.

Join us this Thursday (Sept 28) at 11am in Peachman for this important and timely event. 


An Evening With Kim Estes - A Unity Council Event for Black History Month 2018 at Cal Maritime

What an incredible month celebrating Black History. Our final event, An Evening with Kim Estes, was a memorable celebration that included a reunion of first African American graduates from Cal Maritime. Our special guests for the evening also included SUNY Maritime Graduate and founder of Organization of Black Maritime Graduates Incorporated, captain Robert Cook, and colleagues from the organization. Additionally, we were joined by leaders from San Francisco Bar Pilots, Chevron, as well as the Cal Maritime alumni, community religious and spiritual leaders, and local political leaders. The evening included Sharon Culpepper, Angela Buford, and Demetra Miller starting us off, to performances from Revival Center and Double Portions of Praise, Genea Brice and Courtney Knott, to our guest of honor, Mr. Kim Estes. Thank you all for joining us, sharing your talents, and for the pioneering work in maritime education and industry, as well as local communities. 

Pictured above with Cal Maritime alumnus and Emmy Award Winner, Kim Estes (from left to right): 1: Cal Maritime alumnus Herbert Wadsworth, First African American graduate of Cal Maritime Hezekiah Bolton, 2: SUNY Maritime professor Sean Carswell and Captain Kevin Barrow, Herbert Wadsworth, Hezekiah Bolton, Founder of the Organization for Black Maritime Graduates Inc., Captain Robert Cook, 3: Sean Carswell, Kevin Barrow, Herbert Wadsworth, cadet Alexis Holt, Hezekiah Bolton, Robert Cook, 4: Sean Carswell, Kevin Barrow, Herbert Wadsworth, cadet Alexis Holt, Hezekiah Bolton, Cal Maritime Alumnus and past president of the Cal Maritime Alumni Association Pascha McAlister, Robert Cook. * Photographs courtesy of Commandant Tyrone Wise. 


Pictured above with Kim Estes (from left to right): 1: Commandant Tyrone Wise, 2: Sharon Culpepper, Chair of the Black History Month Subcommittee, 3: Angela Buford, 1c cadet and MPM Company Commander, 4: Pascha McAlister, Cal Maritime Alumnus and past president of the Cal Maritime Alumni Association. * Photographs courtesy of Commandant Tyrone Wise.

Thank our invited participants throughout the month. From our Real Talk – Know Your Rights program, thank you Civil Rights Attorney John Burris, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Zahra Billoo, as well as our own Chief of Police Donny Gordon. From our Choc'late Soldiers screening and discussion, thank you General James Whitehead, reverend Warren Fears, and film producer Sonny Izon.

Pictured above (from left to right): 1: Civil Rights Attorney John Burris, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Zahra Billoo, and Cal Maritime Chief of Police Donny Gordon, 2. Panelists with event moderator cadet Kenia Conner, 3. John Burris, Zahra Billoo, Kenia Conner, and Donny Gordon. * Photographs courtesy of Commandant Tyrone Wise.

Pictured above (from left to right): 1: Reverend Warren Fears, General James Whitehead, Film Producer Sonny Izon, and Commandant Tyrone Wise, 2: Reverend Warren Fears, General James Whitehead, Film Producer Sonny Izon, and Commandant Tyrone Wise, 3: Film Producer Sonny Izon, Unity Council members Josie Alexander and Ingrid Williams, General James Whitehead, Chair of the Black History Month Subcommittee Sharon Culpepper, Reverend Warren Fears, Unity Council Members Tyrone Wise, Demetra Miller, and council chair Ian Wallace. * Photographs by cadet Christopher Murray.

In addition to the contributions of those on stage and in front of the audience, the work of those behind the scenes is equally important, and I'd like to acknowledge these individuals. The month started in the campus Dining Center where cuisine from the African Diaspora was prepared for the campus community each week thanks to Orlando Torres, Chef Greg Markey, and team. Thank you for this and also for catering a number of our events this month, including tonight's… Thank you Audio Visual support. Royster Martin, Ja'Mar Walker, Elijah Herrman, and others, your technical skills and troubleshooting were essential… Thank you Facilities. Marie Cluney and team, your reliability was impeccable… Thank you Marketing and Communication. Lamar Gibbs, Bobby King, Aubrey Trujillo, and others, your efforts improved our reach on and off campus more than ever… Additionally, thank you Procurement, Police Services, Commandant's Office, Advancement and Foundation, Academic Affairs and faculty, Michele van Hoeck and Library staff, Krysta Kasinski and Chelsea McClain, cadet Alexis Holt for introducing the screening of Hidden Figures, as well as the team in Student Health Services. 

Thank you to the Black History Month Subcommittee – Elijah Herrman, Angela Buford, Demetra Miller, Ingrid Williams, Josie Alexander, Tari Houston-Collins, and Travis Bassett. I want to specifically acknowledge the contributions of three subcommittee members. First, cadet Kenia Conner. Kenia moderated our Real Talk program alongside an august panel of experts, successfully leading a complex and timely discussion. This was an impressive feat that demonstrated her professional training and leadership potential. Second, Tyrone Wise. In his second year with the unity council Tyrone was more involved than ever, and what a difference a year makes! Amongst his many attributes and talents, his ability to make and maintain connections with others, is invaluable. He is responsible for bringing John Burris to the Real Talk panel, assembling the entire Choc'late Soldiers panel, as well as coordinating many members of the lineup this evening. Tyrone is an indispensable member of the campus community, and we're thrilled to have him on the Unity Council. Sharon Culpepper, the chair of the Black History Month subcommittee. Sharon is the engine that kept us moving forward and on track for over 5 months. She was always prepared for meetings and attending to the finer details that make a difference, no matter the other work or life circumstances happening simultaneously. This program and our series of events would not have been the same without her dedication, enthusiasm, and energy.

In closing, I want to end by centering the students we are here to serve. Our work is for the 2%, those African American students at Cal Maritime, so you may feel more connected to your history in the maritime world and assume your rightful place at this institution. From Keith Lawrence to Angela Buford. Our work is also for white students and students of color. Tonight is an opportunity to absorb historical knowledge, to soak in awareness of different lived experiences, which can improve your ability to relate to others across differences. As faculty, staff, and administration, we're not here to simply make the experience liveable, so you may survive this right-of-passage and be from here. Echoing vice president Kreta's sentiments, each of us is responsible for creating an environment that ensures educational value, personal safety, and a sense of belongingness. These are necessary ingredients to academic success. From the examples set by Captain Robert Cook to Commandant Tyrone Wise, please join us, toward creating a more inclusive and equitable community.




Pictures and Video from Black History Month 2018 events