We thank the following supporters of the Cal Maritime's Rising Tiding campaign. Together we are keeping cadets afloat!

Angeli Acosta

Josephine Alexander

Anonymous (2)

Kathy Arnold

Nader Bagheri

Kathy Baird

Diana Beck

Graham Benton

Allen Birnbach

Veronica Boe

Linda Solow Bouwer

Steven Browne

Emily Busquaert 

Marv Christopher

Robyn Christopher

Lyle Cook

Eric Cooper 

Kris Cranford 

Thomas Cropper 

James Dalske

William Davidson

Vineeta Dhillon

Lorrie Dineen-Thackeray

La Tanya Edington 

Kris Edwards

Britt Elliott

Charles Ford

Mark Goodrich

Donny Gordon

Melissa Grover

Katie Hansen

Tom Hart

Stan Hebert

Wendy Higgins

Pat Hollister

Valerie Holl McGowan

Christine Isakson

Nipoli Kamdar

Robert King

Steve Kreta

Nick Lewis

Franz Lozano

Chelsea McClain

Marc McGee

Bets McNei

Priscilla Muha

Joellen Myslik

Tom Nordenholz 

Julia Odem

Susan Opp 

Alexander Parker

Rhonda Pate

Romaine Purdy

Fred Reiman

Susan Reynolds 

Ryan Scheidemantle

Andrew Som

Malik Sooch

Jessica Sotuyo

Ryan Storz

Tyler Sevigny

David Taliaferro

Kristen Tener

Matthew Tener

Randy Thomas

Brigham Timpson 

Louis Torche

Mike Tressel

Aubrey Trujillo

William Tsai

Michele Van Hoeck

Peter Veasey

Monique Watanabe

Dan Weinstock

Bruce Wilbur 

Ingrid Williams

Tyler Wolk

Updated as of June 13, 2019

Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of the Honor Roll listings, and we would appreciate you alerting us to any errors or omissions or if you would like to be excluded from this list. Please direct your inquiries or questions to Janice Bross, Senior Director Development and Campaign, at 707-654-1789 or jbross@csum.edu .