Thanks to our generous faculty and staff support, the following areas have received funding from the Cal Maritime Rising Tide campaign.


ABS School of Maritime Policy & Management Endowment
ABS School of Maritime Policy and Management Fund
Captain Miklos and Barbara Endrody Endowment for Student Enrichment
Class of 1965 Memorial Endowment
Cropper Family Distinguished Professorship
Dean of Academic's Fund
Engineering Technology Fund
Facilities Engineering Technology Fund
Global Studies and Maritime Affairs
International Business & Logistics Fund
Jacobsen, Stevens, Aspland Distinguished Professorship
Library Fund
Marine Engineering Technology Fund
Marine Transportation Fund
Maritime Fund
Maritime Safety and Security Center
ME Design Project Fund
Mechanical Engineering Fund
MS Transportation & Engineering
President's Fund for Excellence
Provost's Teachers-Scholars Fund
Rubino Family Endowment
San Francisco Bar Pilots Association Endowment


Crew Team
Men's Basketball
Men's Cross Country
Men's Soccer
Men's Water Polo
Rugby Team
Sailing Team
Student Athletic Advisory Council
Student Yachting World Cup Fund
Women's BasketBall
Women's Cross Country
Women's Water Polo


Arthur Behm Family Scholarship Endowment for Marine Engineering Students
Captain  Bruce T. & Susan Johnston Endowment
Captain  Harold and Marguerite Huycke Endowment for Maritime History
Captain  Ralph Swany, Jr. Endowment
Captain  Robert W. and Edith I McAllister Scholarship Endowment
Captain  Tony E. & Giuliana Pittsey Scholarship Endowment
Captain  William H. Aguilar Endowment Fund
Captain David Lyman Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Captain Harlan O. Hall Scholarship Endowment
Captain Herbert Rosen Educational Fund
Class of 1950 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1955 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1962 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1963 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1964 Reserves Collection
Class of 1965 Endowed Veterans Scholarship
Class of 1967 Scholarship Fund
Class of 1969 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1978 Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donavon B. Baker Scholarship Endowment Fund
Edwards Leadership Development Program Endowment
Ernest N. Kettenhofen Mem. Scholarship Endowment
Fred B. Newton Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Fred Henning Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Goldman Scholarship Endowment
Harold Liden Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Harold, '62 and Jo Ann Robinson Scholarship Endowment
Jay and Jeanne Christofferson Scholarship Endowment fund
Jerry A. & Carol Aspland Scholarship Endowment
Maxine Mosley Endowed Scholarship
Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Michael Prior Bates Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Paul S. Mead, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Richard A. (Dick) Miller Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Rizza Endowment Fund
Robert L. Semans Scholarship Endowment
Society of Port Engineers Los Angeles/Long Beach Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Thomas J. Kofahl Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Unrestricted Endowment
Walther Engineering Services, Inc. Schol Endowment
Weston F. Averill Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Wheeler Athlete Scholarship Endowment Fund

William and Kathryn Eisenhardt Scholarship Endowment


Associated Student of California Maritime Academy
Corps Divisional Discretionary Fund
Dean of Students Fund
Feral Cats Program
Food Security Program
Kirby Tug and Light Boat Funding
Pearls of Power Conference (POP) Donation
Pearls of Power Conference (POP) Dress for Success
Property, Building & Equipment Fund
Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Fund
Student Center
Student Health Center Support Fund
Summer Academic Enrichment Program
Summer Concert Series
TSGB Engineering Facilities Project
TSGB Navigation Laboratory Fund
Veterans Center


Banning High School ITEP Scholarship Fund
John Machado Memorial Scholarship
Foundation General Scholarship Fund