Cal Maritime accepts applications from transfer students with college work from other educational institutions.  Transfer students compose approximately one third of each entering class. Applicants may be lower division (LD) or upper division (UD) transfer students. Lower division students have fewer than 60 semester transferrable units (or 90 quarter units). 

Below are links to information about specific requirements for lower-division and upper-division transfer.

Students Seeking a Second Bachelor's Degree

Applications are also accepted from individuals who have received a bachelor's degree wishing to complete a second college degree.  Cal Maritime accepts academically qualified students seeking a second Bachelors Degree.

  • 5% of the entering transfer students already have a bachelor's degree

Applicants seeking a second bachelor's degree are subject to Upper Division Transfer admission requirements. Use the information for upper-division transfer students to determine the admission requirements applicable to your desired major. Additional information pertaining to Second Degree Applicants are found on the Second Degree page.

About the U.S. Coast Guard License program

Any major requiring completion of a U.S. Coast Guard License for graduation entails four-years of study at Cal Maritime (within their intended major) even if the student has completed a bachelor's degree and/or has many transfer units. This is due to the specialized nature of coursework at Cal Maritime.