Whether you need assistance in complying with U.S. Coast Guard Regulations, conducting maritime security training, creating or revising a new Facility or Vessel Security Plan, or administering your annual required drills and exercises, Cal Maritime Extended Learning provides consulting services to help ensure you get expert, compliant results. Our professional consultants have years of experience in global maritime security and logistics operations. Knowledge areas include the most current topics facing the maritime industry today – security plan procedures and audits, maritime awareness training, port operations and planning, management and leadership programs, employee development, spill response scenarios and maritime and environmental law.

Security Assessment and Planning 

Develop, Amend, or Conduct Ship, Facility or Port Facility Security


  • Combined Company/Vessel/Facility Security Officer (CG/MARAD approved, DHS Grant eligible – FEMA/OG&T approval pending)
  • Facility Security Officer (MARAD approved)
  • Ship/Vessel Security Officer
  • Ship/Vessel/Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties
  • Maritime Security Awareness (Other Ship/Vessel/Facility Personnel; DHS Grant eligible – FEMA/OG&T approval pending)
  • First Responder Operational Maritime Security (DHS Grant eligible – FEMA/OG&T approval pending)
  • Initial Incident Command (DHS Grant eligible – FEMA/OG&T approval pending)
  • Intermediate Incident Command for Expanding Maritime Incidents (DHS Grant eligible – FEMA/OG&T approval pending)
  • Train the trainer for any of the above

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