Innovative Curriculum

Developed and delivered in close collaboration with business and industry, the curriculum provides a mix of cutting-edge theory and creative real-world applications to prepare students to succeed in a challenging and changing global market. Students tackle case studies and simulations throughout the program. The curriculum culminates in a Capstone project, where students synthesize their learning by addressing a pressing real-world organizational issue.

Cohort-Based Learning

Students complete the program together as part of a cohort. This cohort-based format provides a stimulating networking environment for the participants. Individuals are able to learn together, share their experiences, and develop long-term professional relationships that continue long after graduation.

Outstanding Faculty

The graduate faculty brings together exceptional knowledge along with real life experience to provide students with the best of theory and practice.

Completely Online

The program - including lectures, special presentations, discussion groups, assignments, group work and reading materials - is completely online. You can attend class anytime 24/7 from anywhere in the world, helping you to fit learning into your busy life and stay on track.

Tailored to You

Every student has the opportunity to choose one of three specializations within the program. Your studies will be customized to your interests and career goals.

Fast Completion

You can complete your graduate degree in as few as 20 months or you can take a little more time.

No Red Tape!

Once you are admitted to the program you never have to stand in line for textbooks or register for another semester. Everything you need to complete the program is included in one package price.  You can focus on learning and completing the program.

Class of 2017 Graduates