The Radar/ ARPA/ ECDIS Lab is used primarily as a part-task simulator. Our students, and professional mariners alike, use this facility to learn the operation of different types of radars (Radio Detection And Ranging), ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid), ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) and AIS (Automatic Identification System). Each topic specialty can be taught separately for certification purposes or integrated. The lab space consists of eight student stations utilizing the Transas Marine Navi-Trainer Software. Each student station is a stand-alone full-mission bridge with an electronic vessel conning station, a 60 degree visual view, and Radar/ARPA and ECDIS/AIS units.

The training configuring of all bridges is very versatile. For example, in one configuration each student-station bridge can be operated independently in different geographic areas. In another, each can be operated as distinct and separate vessels in the same exercise area (joint exercises). Finally, all student-station bridges can be configured as the same vessel in the exercise area. This last training configuration is very useful when comparing outcomes of different bridge teams for the same exercise.


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