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Interactive Learning Modules
Convenient, Comprehensive, Self-Paced

ISPS Code and MTSA 2002 Compliant

The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) of 2002 require that regulated vessel and facility owners and operators assure and document Maritime Security Training for "other personnel" who routinely have access and perform business operations inside the controlled security perimeter of a regulated facility or vessel. This online course fully satisfies the regulatory requirements and provides training in:

• Basic Security Regulations and Policies
• The roles of the VSO, FSO, and CSO
• Maritime Security Levels
• Observation and Reporting Procedures
• Basic Vehicle and Personnel Screening Procedures
• Physical Security
• Access and Identification Procedures
• Surveillance Equipment Types, Applications and Operations

California State University Maritime Academy offers the Maritime Security Awareness: Online course in six self-paced modules that prepare you to:

• Participate in your company's security program
• Understand your roles and responsibilities
• Recognize how maritime security regulations affect your job
• Understand the expectations of the regulators
• Understand and participate in implementation of emergency procedures and security plans
• Identify and report suspicious and potentially dangerous weapons, substances, and objects.

About the Course

There are four modules that generally take between 20-60 minutes each to complete:

MSA1 – Introduction
MSA2 – The Threat
MSA3 – The Regulations
MSA4 – Security Levels, Policies and Procedures

Taking the Course

Taking the MSA Online course is simple and easy. Once you have registered and have received your online access codes, simply log on to the system, study the content, complete the programmed exercises, and take the exam that follows each module. There is a glossary that provides supplemental information about the training content to make learning easier.

Each module is designed to be completed easily in one sitting, but you can access and exit a course any number of times.

Completing a Course

Upon successful completion of the course, your final module scores will be recorded and a certificate of completion will be mailed to you by the California Maritime Academy, a campus of the California State University system.


This comprehensive and fully compliant ISPS Code and MTSA 2002 Maritime Security Awareness Online course is only $150 per person.

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