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The Extended Learning Advisory Board

Capt. Lynn Korwatch
Executive Director SFMX, Chair of the SF Harbor Safety Committee, Chair of Extension Services Advisory Board
Ms. Veronica Boe
Director of Extended Education: Vallejo, MSSC and MLETC
Ms. Holly Osen
Chevron Corporation, Emergency Response Advisor, Alumnus
Mr. Justin Taschek
Port of Oakland, Wharfinger
Capt. Gary Toledo
Toledo Marine Consulting
Dr. Graham Benton
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Cynthia Trevisan
Chair, Sciences and Mathematics
Michael Strange
Chair, Engineering Technology
Ms. Anne McIntyre
Kathy Arnold
Coordinator, Graduate Studies
Bill Davidson
Director, Golden Bear Facility
Rich Muller
Assistant Director, Golden Bear Facility

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Last updated: 8/27/20