Network Operations Center (NOC)

The Data Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) staff maintain the Data Center, campus networks, and the IT Support.  The Data Center is the single most important IT resource at Cal Maritime. It is a focal conduit for electronic data communications not only pertaining applications hosted by Cal Maritime but the Internet itself.

The Data Center is located on the ground level of the Classroom Building near the center of the campus. The room is divided into two spaces; an office space and a server containment room. 

The NOC staff maintains approximately forty servers in the equipment room, half of which are virtualized. Equipment includes all of the main campus servers (with the exception of those maintained by the Library), core switches, routers, wireless controllers, firewalls, spam filter and monitoring equipment. The server containment area is protected by a halon fire suppression system. Power is backed up by a 20KW UPS and a generator.

Office space is also provided for some of the NOC staff members within the Data Center. Their duties relate to both network/server operations and the IT Support.

Staff Members of the NOC Team

  • Walter Gutiérrez, Network and Data Center Operations Supervisor

  • Luis Solemnidad, Network Analyst/Server Administrator

  • Paul Sosa, Operating Systems Analyst/Server Administrator

NOC Staff Offices

  • The Help Desk and Data Center are located adjacent to each other in the Classroom Building.

  • Map of campus showing Help Desk location.