FAQ - Network Shared Folders

Q: What is the Z: drive?  

A:  Cal Maritime provides individual network storage space to students, faculty and staff on secure back-up servers.  This network drives appears to be a drive that is connected to your computer (just like the C: or A: drive).  You may use this storage space to back up important documents or for additional storage. It should be used for university-related business only. 

There are several benefits of saving files to your Z-drive. First, if your desktop computer should breakdown, your documents are still on the Z-drive.

Another benefit is that you are able to access your Z-drive by logging in to any computer on campus. Thus, if you make a habit of storing you files on the Z-drive you will be able to retrieve them from our computer labs, from another coworker’s office, or anywhere else you can log in to the network. From off campus, you can also access file on your Z: drive file storage using the VPN.

Another advantage is that while most people don't back up their computer's local hard drive, the IT Department regularly backups up the servers where you Z: drive resides.  If an important file is accidentally deleted, it may be possible to restore it.

Q: How do I map my Z-drive to my computer?

  1. Select Start-->My Computer ("Computer" on Windows 7)
  2. Select Tools  from the top of the screen. Next select Map Network drive
  3. In the Drive pull-down list, select "Z" or any drive that is free on your computer
  4. In the Folder box, for faculty and staff type:


    For students type:


    where <username> in both cases is your Cal Maritime Network username
  5. Select Finish