Phone and Voice Mail FAQs

Also see the FAQs in the Telecommunications section.  Cell phone users wishing to access email should see the Email & Spam FAQ page.


Note:  The folloing questions do not apply to Voice Over IP users (VoIP) in the Simulation Center Building.

Q:  How do I access voice mail from off campus?

Dial 654­1300.  Immediately during the recording, press the STAR (*) key, when prompted enter your 4­digit extension followed by the STAR (*) key. When prompted, enter your passcode Follow the voice prompts.

Q: If someone leaves a message and I didn't hear a part of it, do I have to listen to the whole message again?

No, to move backward 5 seconds press *.

Q: Is there a way to fast­forward a message?

Yes, to move forward 5 seconds press #.

Q: Sometimes I don't receive a message until a couple hours after the person has left it.  What's wrong?

The main reason for delayed messages is the mailbox user doesn't exit completely out of the system when they have listen to their messages. Press the "9" key until you hear a recording that says "Good­bye".

Q: Is there a way to move to the top of the next message without listening to the entire previous message?

Yes, press 8.

Q: Can I retrieve a message that I accidentally deleted?

Only if you press * immediately after deleting a message.

Q: How many messages can be stored in my mailbox?

Each mailbox can store 73 messages.

Q: How long can messages be saved?

Each message can be saved for 30 days.  Messages older than 30 days will automatically be deleted from the system without warning.

Q: How do you place a conference call?

Dial the 1st number and ask the person to wait.  Press the flash button Dial the extension of the 2nd person Press the flash button to connect all callers.