SolidWorks licensing

SolidWorks licensing is "Educational Purpose" which means classroom or laboratory learning by Qualified Students or instruction or preparation of courses by Qualified Instructors. Educational Purposes may also include Capstone or other student projects if the work is nonproprietary, does not create or transfer Intellectual Property and the results will become part of the public domain. Educational Purposes do not include Research Purposes, Commercial Purposes or Curriculum Development. For more information please review the SolidWorks license agreement.

To register SolidWorks

  1. Visit
  2. Select "I already have a serial number that begins with 9020"
    (if you need the serial number, please sign-in and refer to this PDF)
  3. Select the version, enter your email address, and select your role
  4. Select "Accept and Continue" at the bottom of the terms and conditions page
  5. Select the Download link

Solidworks Student Edition Installation Guide (PDF)