FAQ - Accounts and Passwords

Q:  How do I reset my password?

A: The Password Reset Tool will give you the ability to reset your password using an external email address or cell phone number.

Visit: https://password.csum.edu to access the Self Service Password Reset portal.

Your username is your email address: e.g., jsmith1234@csum.edu 

This method of password resets will enhance your login experience, enable you to have control of your user account, and help protect your identity.

Q: How often must I change my password?

A:  The system forces faculty, staff, and students to change their passwords 365 days after the last time they changed their password.  

Q: I've heard that you are not supposed to write your passwords down.  How can I remember so many of them?

A:  Several suggestions may be found in the Accounts & Passwords section of this website.

Q:  Who do I see about problems with my password or account?

A:  Individuals on campus should drop by or call the IT Support Center.  Crew onboard the ship during cruise should see the IT staff support member.