Encryption Services 


This happens... and it can happen to you. Occasionally, someone looses a USB flashdrive containing exams or research.  When a device goes missing, whether a laptop or a flashdrive, nothing short of encryption can safeguard the data it contains.  In addition, breaches can always be found in the news.  Whether a hacker gains access through the network to a computer or malware is involved.  Encrypting data helps mitigate the disclosure of sensitive and confidential information... the loss of which can have a damaging impact on the institution's reputation and finances.

To help secure your data or ask more questions regarding encryption, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@csum.edu


Cal Maritime uses Bitlocker all Windows computers.

Use Bitlocker to Go to secure a removable USB drive.


Cal Maritime uses built-in Filevault for all MacOS devices on campus.