Purchasing IT Hardware and Software

The following Q&As are specific to faculty and staff.  Students should see Personal Computing at Cal Maritime in the Help Desk section.


Q: How Do I Purchase Hardware or Software for My Use or My Department's Use?

A: Requests for new hardware and software should be directed to the department chair. When requested, the Information Technology Department is happy to provide quotations.  The Information Technology department does not fund the purchase departmental-specific software for use in the labs, classrooms or use on desktop computers.  As noted above, requests for departmental-specific software should be directed to the department chair.  All IT-related purchases for Cal Maritime must be approved by the IT Department.  Hardware and software must comply with Cal Maritime's Accessible Technology policies.

Q: Are Apple Computer products supported?

A: Limited support for specific Apple products is available for Cal Maritime faculty and staff.  It is recommended that faculty and staff already be familiar with Apple's operating system and products before acquiring one for use on campus.  For more information, see Limited Apple Computer Support at Cal Maritime.

Q: When purchasing hardware or software for use at the University, what accessibility requirements should be considered?

A:  CSU and Cal Maritime Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) guideliness currently apply to technology purchases over $15,000.  For more information, refer to the ATI section of Cal Maritime's website, CSU's accessibility site, or contact the Purchasing Officer or Chief Information Officer.

Q: Can I Leverage the University's Purchasing Contracts For My Personal Use?

A: Some vendors make equipment available for personal purchase at the same price they offer to the University. Faculty and staff interested in the purchase of computers for personal use may contact the IT Department for current information on vendors. Faculty purchasing equipment for personal use must do so directly from the vendor and not through the University. Please note that IT personnel will only support equipment with state tag numbers owned by the University.

Q: What Site-Licensed Software Is Available?

A: Some site-licensed software is made available for professional use through CSU or Cal Maritime negotiated contracts. Some of the software on these contracts may also be available to faculty for home use on personally owned computers. CSU or Cal Maritime has entered into software distribution contracts with the following companies: Microsoft, Apple, and Network Associates. Kasperksy Antivirus is also available to students.

Site Licensed Software for Faculty

  • Office 2003
  • XP Pro
  • Respondus
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • Microsoft Project 2003
  • Microsoft Visio 2003

Site Licensed Software for Students

  • Software is also available for purchase in the Book Store

Q: What Software Is Available for Use at Home?

A: Some software available to the University may have "at home rights" for faculty to use on personally-owned computers.  Check with the IT Department to see if this option is available.