Limited Support for Macintosh Computers

Limited support for specific Apple products is available for Cal Maritime faculty and staff.  It is recommended that faculty and staff already be familiar with Apple's operating system and products before acquiring one for use on campus.  All purchases must be approved by the Dean and the IT Department.  Please ask the IT Support for quotes and the type of support that the IT Support offers.

Purchases For Personal Use

Apple has a web store for Cal Maritime students, faculty and staff to purchase personal computers for home use. The web store allows for online configuration and purchases at special discounted prices. For more information, please contact the IT Support.

All purchases for personal use through Apple online stores are transactions between Apple and the individual ordering the computer. In this case, Cal Maritime plays no role in the purchase, warranty, or on-going support of the computer or associated equipment.

Please note that IT personnel will only support equipment with state tag numbers owned by the University.