PeopleSoft Student Systems – Fluid Navigation

What is Fluid?

  • A different method of navigation within PeopleSoft using Homepages and Tiles instead of breadcrumbs
  • It is dynamic – it allows the PS application to scale pages from large devices (laptops/desktops) down to smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. Making PeopleSoft more mobile friendly


Why is this important?

  • With the widespread use of mobile devices, it is essential to make PeopleSoft mobile friendly.
  • Oracle support for classic navigation has ended.
  • CSU campuses are required to implement Fluid Homepages and Navigation.


Fluid Navigation vs Classic

  • The old Classic navigation uses the breadcrumb menu model which has a deep hierarchy
  • Fluid allows multiple navigation options to access both Fluid and Classic pages
    • Homepages
    • Tiles (house navigation collections)
    • NavBar
    • Recent Places
    • My Favorites
    • Navigator (full navigation menu)
    • Classic Home nav link (Not supported by Oracle in PeopleTools 8.59)


  • Fluid Nav starting point
  • Users can have multiple homepages
  • Default homepage is displayed first after logging in

How to Setup Fluid Navigation Part 1



The NavBar includes:

  • Recently Visited
  • Favorites
  • Menu

The Menu tile in the NavBar opens ALL components that you have access to, just like the “Main Menu” in the previous version.

How to Setup Fluid Navigation Part 2


Fluid version of Breadcrumbs

How to Setup Fluid Navigation Part 3


End-User Options

How to Setup Fluid Navigation Part 4



Q: What happens to My Favorites?

A: All the favorites you saved will be migrated and will work after the change.

Q: How is this affecting me?

A: The way you access PeopleSoft Student Systems information is changing, the new user interface “Fluid” is more mobile-friendly, but as with all changes it requires a little getting used to.

Q: When is this change happening?

A: All 23 CSU campuses are implementing Fluid at different times; Cal Maritime will be migrated on the weekend of Nov 5. 

Q: Which PeopleSoft system is impacted?

A: PeopleSoft Student Systems. 

Q: Are there other changes?

A: Yes, to enhance security, DUO will be implemented at the same time.