Benefits-eligible employees have the option to enroll in several types of voluntary insurance and benefit plans; including accidental death & dismemberment, auto/homeowner's insurance, critical illness, long-term care, long term disability and legal services.

CSU general benefits eligibility is defined as:

  • A regular appointment – the employee is appointed in a benefits-eligible classification with a timebase of at least half-time (0.5 Full-time Equivalent ([FTE]) and with a length of appointment for at least six (6) months and one day; or
  • An AB211 appointment – Lecturers or Coaches (R03) in applicable class codes, who are appointed for at least six (6) weighted teaching units (WTUs) (i.e., 0.4 timebase for at least one (1) semester).

Premiums for voluntary benefit plans are fully paid by the employee; the CSU does not contribute.

The following plans are available: