An employee who is summoned for jury duty service is eligible for paid jury duty leave for the days that he/she actually reports to jury duty. On-call jurors who are not required to report for jury duty service are not eligible for paid jury duty leave.

Depending on the employee's category, an hourly employee or an employee that works less than full time, is eligible for time off with pay for jury duty for only those hours he/she was scheduled to work.


All employees in each category are eligible for jury duty.

Effective Date of Coverage

  • The effective date of paid jury duty leave is the date assigned by the appropriate court system to physically report for jury duty and includes jury selection. 

  • An employee who receives initital notification that he/she is subject to jury duty should notify the appropriate administrator as soon as possible.

  • The employee is required to notify the appropriate administrator in writing prior to taking leave for jury duty. Verification of actual service for jury duty must be provided by the employee when requested by the appropriate administrator. 

For additional information, please refer to the appropriate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).