DCRA Guidelines and Information


  • The DCRA is administered by ASIFlex, a third-party administrator. 

  • Eligible employees must enroll in a plan(s) within 60 calendar days of employment (or re-employment, if there has been a break of service of more than 30 calendar days).

  • You must re-enroll every year during the open enrollment period. Open enrollment occurs annually (date is determined by CalPERS) and is usually in the fall with all changes taking effect on January 1st of the following year.

  • The annual maximum for a DCRA is $5,000; there is a $20 monthly minimum and $416.66 monthly maximum contribution.

  • There is a $1.00 monthly administrative fee.

  • The first deduction is usually taken from the second paycheck following enrollment.

  • Once coverage begins, you will not be able to change your contribution amount unless you have had a "change in status".

  • Taxable income on an employee's annual W-2 statement will be reduced by the amount placed in the account.

  • You must estimate your eligible expenses carefully. Any money left in your DCRA will be forfeited.

  • More information on the DCRA can be found in the DCRA Plan Brochure.