Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Per the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the CSU is required to offer health coverage to employees (and any eligible dependents) who work an average of 130 hours (or .75 FTE) or more per month.  An eligible employee can select enrollment in a CSU health (medical only) plan sponsored by CalPERS or FlexCash (in lieu of health coverage), which is an additional $128 per month. If choosing to enroll in FlexCash, employees must provide certification of coverage. 

Eligible Employ​ees must enroll in FlexCash within sixty (60) days of employment, or reemployment if there has been a break in service of more than thirty (30) days.

If FlexCash enrollment forms are received by the State Controller's Office by the 10th of the month, the effective date of the plan is the first of the following month. Forms received after the 10th delay the effective date to the first of the second month following appointment.

Employees are required to reenroll in FlexCash every open enrollment to participate during the following calendar year. The FlexCash Plan is subject to certain enrollment restrictions.

Please review the 2024 Health Benefit Summaryand applicable 2024 Medical Plan Rates for assistance in selecting a health plan.

Voluntary Benefits Plans Flyer

This flyer provides an overview of the voluntary benefits plans available to CSU employees who do not meet the standard eligibility criteria for core benefits (such as health, dental and vision). Due to California laws and regulations, CSU policy, collective bargaining agreements, and individual vendor requirements, eligibility varies by plan. Please reference the eligibility chart on the back of this fyer for each plan’s specific eligibility requirements. 

Forms to be completed and submitted to Human Resources: 

ACA Benefits Enrollment/Change

Declaration of Health Coverage

Benefits A/R Agreement: Your benefits enrollment will result in payroll deductions. Due to limitations at the State Controller's Office (SCO), the deductions may be delayed resulting in an Accounts Receivable (A/R) to cover the correct health deduction payment.  The total amount of the A/R will be based on the employee portion of the monthly health plan premium for each month deductions are withheld.  The gross amount of the A/R is unknown at this time. 

Enrollment Period: You have 60 calendar days from your appointment date to enroll in benefits.

Please contact Kristen Bautista in Human Resources at or at 707.654.1146 with any questions. 

If you do not have access to medical coverage you may be eligible for coverage under the Covered California marketplace. Covered California offers coverage to individuals that are not eligible for coverage through the CSU, another employer or the government program. 

Covered CA is the new online marketplace for affordable, quality health insurance. At you can:

  • Compare health insurance plans
  • Determine how much financial assistance you may receive
  • Learn about your options, benefits and costs

You and your family may get financial assistance in paying the costs of insurance coverage. Covered California will also enable consumers to compare and choose health coverage that best fits their needs and budget. All will get a choice of insurance companies and a choice of benefits.

Under the new law, many families will be eligible for financial assistance in purchasing insurance. That assistance will be provided on a sliding scale, giving more support for those who earn less.

But to receive that assistance you must purchase your insurance through Covered California.

For information about Covered California, to learn if you may be eligible for financial assistance, and for enrollment information, visit Covered CA.