The use of sick leave guards against the loss of income during a  prolonged illness; therefore, it may be accumulated without limitation. The use of sick leave may be authorized by the manager when an employee  is absent because of the employee's own illness, injury or disability (including pregnancy disability) or the employee's own dental, eye, or other physical or medical examination or treatment.

How Much Sick Leave Do I Accrue?

  • Full-time, eligible employees accrue 8 hours per month after meeting a qualifying pay period. A qualifying month of service is 11 days on pay status in a pay period.
  • Employees who work less than full time but are eligible to receive sick leave credit, accrue on a pro-rated basis. Example: employees who work 20 hours per week accrue 4 hours per month.

What Are Approved Uses for Sick Leave?

  • You may generally use your sick leave for your own illness/injury, medical appointments, and family care. For specific details as to when you may use your sick leave, refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Sick leave must be taken in units of no less than one hour. Exempt employees must charge sick leave usage in full-day increments.

How much sick leave can I build up?

  • There is no maximum of sick leave accrual. Sick leave may be accumulated without limits or expiration. Balances are carried forward from year to year.

What if my illness/injury lasts more than five days?

  • If you are out due to your own illness/injury or for the illness of a family member, you may need to request a leave of absence

May I transfer my sick leave if I move to another CSU campus or to the Chancellor's Office?

  • Your sick leave is transferred unless your appointment is not eligible to accrue or use sick leave.

If I leave the university and return, is my sick leave restored? 

  • If you return to a sick-leave eligible position within 6 months following the date of your separation, your sick leave balance will be restored. If your appointment is not sick-leave eligible, your sick leave will be restored but in reserve until such a time as you may be appointed into an eligible position.

May I use my sick leave for bereavement situations?

  • In certain circumstances, you may request to use sick leave for bereavement leave. Please refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement for specific conditions

What happens to my sick leave when I retire?

  • If you are a member of CalPERS, upon retirement you may convert your remaining sick leave balance into additional CalPERS service credit. There is no minimum or maximum sick leave conversion. To calculate your sick leave balance conversion, multiply the number of days of remaining sick leave by .004 and you will get the number of years of sick time.  Example: 1,000 hours of sick leave at 8 hours per day is 1000/8, or 125 days. 125 days x .004 = .5.  Therefore, 1,000 hours of unused sick leave will convert to six months of additional CalPERS retirement.
  • To take advantage of sick leave into CalPERS service credit, you must retire within 120 days of your separation from the university. 
  • Additional information in the CalPERS Retirement Application.