Under supervision, Instructional Student Assistants (ISA) in this classification perform teaching, grading or tutoring duties for the majority of work hours in a given appointment in a given academic department or equivalent administrative unit over the course of an academic term. Assignments are made by the academic department or an equivalent administrative unit and by a specific supervisor at a CSU campus.

Instructional Student Assistants are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week of total employment while the student is enrolled in classes. Instructional Student Assistants employed for less than 20 hours per week may be appointed concurrently in another student classification up to a combined total of approximately 20 hours per week.

When hiring an ISA student whether new or returning to your department or campus, there are certain Federal and State requirements regarding employment. For more information about the complete process for hiring student employees, please review the Managers Hiring Guideline.

Hiring Manager Tools and Resources:

New Hires: Please use CHRS Recruiting to draft the recruitment.

Rehire: Please connect with Employment Services for assistance. 

Job Opportunities:

Please visit our Career Opportunities page to apply.

Instructional Student Assistant assignments primarily involve teaching, grading and/or tutoring duties.  To learn more click here:  Cal Maritime Tutoring Services website.

Cal Maritime is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. The university subscribes to all state and federal regulations and prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, disabilty, generic information, medical condition, covered veteran status, or any other protected status. Reasonable Accommodations will be provided to applicants with qualifying disabilites who self-disclose by contacting the Benefits Coordinator at (707) 654-1146. 

Student Onboarding/Hiring Instructions, Tools and Forms:

Congratulations on your appointment as an Instructional Student Assistant. As a hired student you will receive email communications instructing you of your onboarding process. In order to be paid in a timely manner and meet federal and state legal compliance please follow the instructions and complete the following steps. These instructions guide what paperwork is required for you to complete PRIOR TO starting work.

New and Returning ISA Onboarding (Completing your hiring forms):

  • New Hire Orientation Forms Checklist: Use this checklist as a guide to complete your required hiring forms as instructed in your appointment letter.
  • Click this link: Hiring Forms and Documents to access hiring forms.
  • Employment Eligibility I-9 Verification) Hiring Identification Requirement: All employees are required to submit appropriate documentation to verify their eligibility to work in the United States ON OR BEFORE their first day of work. Please refer to Federal Guidelines and our list of Acceptable Documents for more information. If substantiation cannot be provided within the guidelines, the employee will not be permitted to work until they are able to provide that substantiation.

Payroll and Benefit Resources

Provides access to: Student Direct Deposit form, Holiday and Pay Calendars and much more.

ALL timecards must be submitted online in Peoplesoft. Our CSUM Payroll Website provides you with information, forms and steps to guide you through your payroll processing to include the following information:

Additional Resources for Hiring Managers and Students:

2023/2024 Job Summary of Filled Positions:

(Unit 11 Bargaining Unit Positions Hired for the Academic Year (Article 2.2 Unit 11 CBA))

Instructional Student Assistant Student Engagement 0
Instructional Student Assistant Engineering Technology 0
Instructional Student Assistant Marine Transportation 0


Contact: Academic Personnel and Employment Services Manager at EmploymentServices@csum.edu