The following information provides an overview of benefits offered for employees into retirement. 

CSU Retiree Benefits Overview (PDF)


Health, Dental, Vision, Employer-Paid Life Insurance and Various Voluntary Benefits

  • CSU retiree medical and dental benefits are available to employees (and their eligible dependents) who retire within 120 days from the date of separation from employment (see below for recent changes to retiree health and dental vesting).
    • If enrolled in the Delta Dental enhanced level coverage as an active employee, retirees will have the option to continue enhanced coverage for a monthly fee or be covered at the basic level at no cost.

      To enroll in the Enhanced Dental Plan or make other changes, complete the CSU Retiree Dental Change/Enrollment Form and fax or mail to CalPERS within 60 days of retirement, or during any future Open Enrollment period.

  • Vision Insurance does not automatically continue into retirement. Vision insurance is a voluntary benefit and to continue it into retirement an employee must request enrollment by completing the VSP Retiree Vision Enrollment Form which is available at the campus benefits office or by visiting the CSU Retiree VSP Website. Once enrolled, the premiums will be deducted from the former employee's retirement check.
  • Employees may port the employer-paid life insurance plan, voluntary life insurance plan, and critical illness plan and pay for premiums once retired. Employees must already be enrolled in these plans at the time of retirement.
  • For more information regarding CSU retiree benefits visit


10 Year Retiree Health and Dental Vesting Period for New Faculty - Effective July 1, 2017

Who is subject to the new 10 year retiree health and dental vesting period?

  • A new employee hired by the CSU for the first time into a Faculty (Unit 3) position who first becomes a CalPERS member on or after July 1, 2017. Both must happen on or after July 1, 2017.
  • An employee working for the CSU prior to July 1, 2017 who became a CalPERS member after July 1, 2017 is not subject to the new 10 year vesting period.
  • Prior state employment (non CSU) is not used to determine exclusion from the 10 year vesting period. It is not considered "CSU" employment.

How is the 10 year service credit vesting period calculated?

  • 10 years of CalPERS service credit as determined by CalPERS.
  • CalPERS service credit includes credit earned at any CalPERS public agency including the State of California (including CSU) and public contract agencies.