ScholarShare was created by the state of California as a tax-advantaged way to help people save for the cost of higher education. A 529 college savings plan helps you save more over time. No California or Federal taxes are applied to any earnings on qualified withdrawals.

Additional Information

  • For More Information, visit ScholarShare529
  • You may open a ScholarShare account at any time and can start with as little as $25. Automatic transfer from your bank account makes contributing easy!
  • Funds can be used at eligible schools nationwide.
  • 529 usage covers quite a lot, including mandatory fees, books, supplies and certain room and board costs.
  • Any U.S. citizen or resident alien over 18 years of age can open or gift a 529 account.
  • If there is a discrepancy between this information and the official plan documents and contracts, the official documents will always govern.

Enrollment Process