Payroll Services is responsible for processing all documentation associated with the issuance of Payroll Warrants to all employees including Special Consultants, Casual Workers, and Student Assistants.  The State of California State Controller's Office has responsibility for actually issuing all payroll warrants.  Payroll Services also has responsibility for coordinating all leave credits for employees who are eligible for accruing paid leave credits.

Employees appointed to regular and temporary appointments including Faculty, Staff, Administrators are paid on a monthly basis usually around the first of each month.  Pay for Student Assistants, Casual Workers, and Overtime Pay is usually issued around the middle of each month.  Special Consultants are paid when proper documentation including invoices are submitted, approved, and processed.  Please consult the Payroll Calendar on this page for specific payroll deadlines and pay dates.


2022 Holiday Calendar

2021-2022 Payroll Calendar

Uniform Positive Pay Date for Hourly/Intermittent & Premium Payments FAQS

Academic Pay Scenarios


Payroll Forms

Absence Management and Time Reporting

Payroll Forms


Paycheck Calculator

The California State Controller's Office has provided an online 2017 Paycheck Calculator to calculate Net Pay and Withholding Amounts for employees paid on a monthly basis.


W-2 Form

To access your previous or current W-2, visit the CEC website.


Direct Deposit

Effective May 20, 2020 the State Controller’s Office (SCO) has suspended the printing of direct deposit advices for all campuses with access to Cal Employee CONNECT (CEC). Employees may access their earnings and deductions electronically through CEC. Employees enrolled in direct deposit may also download copies of their direct deposit advices from CEC.

This change will remain in place through the Governor’s State of Emergency, after which the SCO will resume the printing of all direct deposit advices for all employees enrolled in the Direct Deposit Program.

CEC Registration: To get started, you will need to have a recent pay stub in hand, issued within the last six months by our campus. The paystub contains the information needed for registration in the portal. To begin the registration process, visit the CEC website.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Instructions: Complete the form and return it to HR Payroll Services, located in the Administration Building. You need to check with your financial institution to be sure that the numbers at the bottom of your check are what they use for the EFT. Form must be accompanied by a voided check or documentation from the employees financial institution certifying the routing and account numbers.


Paycheck Distribution

Paychecks are not distributed at the Payroll Office. They are distributed by the University Cashier's Office.


Payroll Services Staff

For answers to Payroll related questions, please contact the HR Payroll Staff.

Name Telephone Number
Marie Hernandez (707) 654-1138
Jeanette Torres (707) 654-1021