We are excited that you have decided to join the Cal Maritime community and look forward to seeing you on your first day. 


1. Conditions of Employment – address and conduct applicable conditions of employment (some may be job specific)

    • Background Check via Accurate Background – your HR representative will send you the link via e-mail address provided on resume. You will have 10 days to submit your information
    • Licenses and Certifications – to be verified by HR representative
    • Fingerprinting – you will be emailed the Live Scan Request form and directed to a live scan location. Note: you will be responsible for paying out of pocket for live scan and reimbursed by hiring department.
    • Pre-placement physical – scheduled by HR representative
    • Pre-employment Drug Screening – scheduled by HR representative

2. Complete Human Resources New Employee Paperwork (bring with you on first day)

  • Section I – All Employees
  • Section II: Complete the forms as directed in offer letter
  • Review Employee Policies and Procedures - Complete and sign Policy Acknowledgement Checklist; submit with new employee paperwork