Basic Needs Tabling Cal Maritime’s Basic Needs initiative seeks to ensure that all cadets have access to the essential resources like food, shelter, clothing, and access to healthcare necessary to focus on their educational goals.


CSU Basic Needs Initiative

Critical to student success at the CSU, the Basic Needs Initiative takes a holistic look at students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom, from housing and food security to mental health. We’re working together to find better ways support our students on their path to graduation. View the CSU Study of Student Basic Needs.

The CSU describes Basic Needs as the fundamental, minimum requirements necessary for a decent standard of life and physical, mental, and social well-being. In a broader context basic needs may also include issues such as safety and security, sanitation, access to clean water, and clothing.

Program Outcomes

  • Review & ustain efforts to address food and housing insecurity. 
  • Increase awareness, access, and use of on-campus resources for students, specifically for student groups who are disproportionately experiencing the highest levels of basic needs insecurity.
  • Train faculty and staff to identify, respond, and refer students to appropriate points of contact.