Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.
Jack Welch


Cal Maritime is recognized as a leader in recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse, engaged, and productive workforce that fully supports the University's mission in a meaningful and authentic way, while remaining adaptive, relevant, and responsive to the changes in higher education and the maritime industry.


Cal Maritime will provide all the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to build a high-performing workforce that collaborates and engages in thoughtful and innovative work.  Furthermore, Cal Maritime will promote an inclusive environment where faculty, staff, and students value and embrace equity and diversity, as well as open communication, transparency, and trust.

Guiding Principles

  • Academy's vision, mission, and values & beliefs
  • Cal Maritime's Vision 2029
  • Efficient processes and operational best practices
  • Shared-governance, collaboration, and institutional effectiveness
  • Professional development and continuous improvement
  • Risk management and regulatory compliance related to human resources
  • Allocation and alignment of responsibilities across organizational divisions
  • Technologies and software applications
  • Assessment and accountability

Objective One

Achieve operational excellence through the development and implementation of human resource policies, programs, and technologies.
Outcome A:  Roles and functions will be fully integrated with the campus-wide organizational structure while remaining flexible and adaptive to the growth of the University.  
MOE:  Skill and proficiency levels reflected in employee performance evaluations; Cross-divisional collaboration through board, committee, and task-force outputs; Operational efficiencies obtained through fiscal stewardship
Outcome B:  New employees will transition seamlessly into her/his new position through a cohesive recruitment and onboarding process.
MOE: Quality of recruitment training program for hiring managers; Number of days during recruitment-to-hire periods; Day-one readiness for all new employees

Outcome C:  Employees will have better access to technologies and data appropriate to level of job responsibilities.
MOE: Relevant software applications that lead to fiscal stewardship; Request-to-response timeline for all data requests

Outcome D:  All human resource operational documents will be appropriately aligned to CSU-system and regulatory agency compliance.
MOE: Application of best practices through relevant HR policies; Full compliance of all HR regulatory requirements

Objective Two

Modernize our workforce planning and development system in order to meet the current and future human capital needs of Cal Maritime.
Outcome A:  All employees, including student employees, will have access to comprehensive training and professional development programs.
MOE: Skill and proficiency levels reflected in employee performance evaluations; Job satisfaction identified through employee climate surveys

Outcome B:  Cal Maritime's administration will provide uninterrupted and reliable leadership through succession planning.
MOE:  Employee retention (advancement/promotion) rates that lead to continuity in leadership; Fiscal stewardship through fewer job searches
Outcome C:  All divisions will have optimal staffing levels to respond to the overall growth of the University.
MOE: Cross-divisional collaboration through board, committee, and task-force outputs and number of positions with cross-functional responsibilities; Job satisfaction identified through employee climate surveys
Outcome D: The diversity of Cal Maritime's workforce will be representative of the global society we serve.
MOE:  Number and quality of diverse applicant pool and subsequent hire rates

Objective Three

Promote a campus culture that embraces and fosters unity through diversity, inclusion, wellness, and civility.

Outcome A:  Cal Maritime values and optimizes the diversity of its workforce.
MOE: Internal and external awareness, appreciation, and satisfaction of a diverse, inclusive campus culture; Number and quality of faculty/staff sponsored student clubs with a focus on diversity and inclusion.
Outcome B:  Improved morale and overall well-being through a wholly engaged and cohesive workforce.
MOE:  Employee retention and satisfaction rates through campus climate survey; Employee performance evaluations through optimal work/life balance; Quality health and wellness programs through increased employee participation
Outcome C:  Cal Maritime will be a leader in establishing the gold standard of service.
MOE:  Response rates for support and/or service requests; Service satisfaction rates through climate surveys; Transparency of services, relevant data, and activities of all departments