Grooming standards reflect our core values and demonstrate our commitment to safety and professionalism.


Cadets who Identify as Male

Hair: Male hair shall be no longer than four inches and may not touch the ears, collar, extend below eyebrows when headgear is removed, show under front edge of headgear, or interfere with proper wearing of safety headgear. Hair on the back of the neck must not touch the collar.

Haircuts will not exceed two inches in bulk with a taper of no longer than ¼” with an even fade. Angled cuts will have even graduation with a difference under 2”. Sideburns will not fall below the center of the ear and will have a straight cut. Only natural hair color dyes are permitted.

Shaving: Male cadets are required to shave every morning before donning the uniform or conducting official business. Cadets are authorized mustaches. Mustaches will not fall below the upper lip & will not extend past the corners of the mouth.


Cadets who Identify as Female

Hair: Females are to wear their hair in the appropriate and professional manner. Ponytails and braids that fall below the collar are authorized in uniform not to exceed 3 inches below the bottom of the collar. Bulk of the hair shall not interfere with the proper wearing of regulation headgear. Only natural hair color dyes are permitted.

When required by lab and shipboard regulation, hair will be styled into a tight bun to fit inside the appropriate headgear to prevent hair from exposure to moving machinery and other unsafe conditions.

Hair Accessories: All hair accessories must be consistent with wearer’s hair color. Excessive number of accessories may not be worn.


Gender Transition:

Cadets in gender transition should follow the regulations matching their identified gender on record with the Health Center. Once a cadet has updated their record with Health Services, they may adopt the new gender standards, following a waiting period of 2 business days for Health Services to notify the Commandants Office.