Cadet with backpackThe Office of Community Standards at California State University Maritime Academy administers the cadet conduct system. CSUMA is unique among the CSU campuses, in that we are both a university and a maritime academy. We administer both the California State University Standards for Student Conduct and the Corps of Cadets Code of Conduct. This office ensures a fair an impartial administration of the disciplinary process while guiding student through it; educating students about their responsibilities; and protecting the rights of all members of the community. The office address student behavior through the Conduct Review Boards (peer review boards), Discipline Review Hearings (campus-based administrative hearings), and Captain's Masts (shipboard administrative hearings).


The Office of Community Standards exists to facilitate individual cadet success through an ethic of care while maintaining a safe and productive community. Through interactions with the Office of Community Standards, cadets will understand the purpose of the CSU Standards for Student Conduct and the Corps of Cadets Code of Conduct, both of which establish rights and responsibilities of community members, as well as identify ways to address their behavior so it does not negatively impact the community in the future. While the office's process is one which is educational and cadets are encouraged to engage cadets in learning, there are certain behaviors that will lead to a separation from the University.


To report an emergency or an incident that poses an imminent risk of harm dial 9-1-1. 

Maxient, a cloud-based software of choice for managing behavior records, is used at Cal Maritime. It is our FERPA-compliant centralized reporting and recordkeeping system. Click here for more information on Maxient.

Student Incident Reporting Form

Cal Maritime cadets are held to high standards of conduct. To foster an environment of accountability and learning, the conduct system may issue demerits. Demerits are a measure used to hold cadets accountable to Corps standards and expectations. Demerits are cumulative and maximum limits of 75, 125, 350 in a semester, academic year, and tenure, respectively, may lead to disciplinary suspension.

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Title IX Incident Reporting Form

Cal Maritime does not discriminate on the basis of gender, which includes sex and gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation in its education programs or activities. Cal Maritime takes reports of policy violations seriously. Please use this form to report concerns related to gender discrimination, harrssment or sexual assault (including dating & domestic violence and stalking). Completing this report does not substitute filing a report with law enforcement.

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Siobhan Case, MPA, PHR
Interim Assistant Dean of Cadets and Director of Community Standards
125 Student Services Building